For over 50 years we have offered superior customer service, prompt payment and complete integrity. We have the resources to create a great recycling program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, giving back to the global community.

Recycling is a core part of our business but also our people. We continually enhance and increase our investment in environmental management by procuring equipment that is safe for our Earth.

With our turnkey service, we can provide all the equipment and set up for a personalized recycling system, so you can immediately start your processing program. KSI offers superior customer service with in-depth experience in achieving results.

Under contract, we agree on a price for the types of materials that are being produced and proceed within the terms of the agreement. Because your recyclables are a commodity, we trade, our prices in contracts are often based on the Official Board Market (OBM) index.

KSI keeps improving the process

We continually monitor your recycling operations and look for ways to maximize your income on your scrap and for new ways to divert it. KSI has years of experience helping companies develop policies to ensure process improvement and eliminate waste.

KSI keeps you informed

Data Summary/Reporting: We regularly report the materials collected and the payments made.

Volume Tracking:

We track the volume of material being generated. When we see an anomaly in the data, we immediately bring it to the attention of management. Sudden changes in volume could be a sign of change in the process, a sudden inefficiency in the system or can be a sign of theft within the operation.

Market Information:

We provide market information so that customers are aware of the value of their commodities and fluctuations in the markets for those commodities.

Waste Audits:

We track waste being generated to ensure that all valued commodities are being captured from the waste stream and recycled. Oftentimes, this includes suggestions for minimal changes to the operation which result in the production of more marketable scrap.